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New Board Program

Optimizing Board Effectiveness
The New Board Program (NBP) is Nyenrode’s top advanced corporate governance program. It inspires and challenges (non-) executives to become well-informed, professional, responsible and effective board members in an ever more demanding environment. The NBP focuses on boardroom effectiveness in relation to a company’s or organization’s success or failure. Boardroom effectiveness is not only about strategy and monitoring performance and risks, but also about boardroom dynamics and boardroom competencies. The program contains case studies drawn from all major subject areas, drafted in collaboration with board members of Dutch businesses and organizations. Interactive group discussions challenge participants to address the determinants of boardroom effectiveness in relation to organizational performance. This focus, and the learning value of peer interaction and discussion, makes the New Board Program unique.
Since its start in 2005, more than 120 executives and non-executives have successfully completed the NBP. They come from both listed (internationally-operating) businesses and non-listed (not-for-profit) organizations. Most participants are executive board members. About 75% of the participants also hold one or more non-executive positions.
Prof. Fred Lachotzki, Prof. mr. Steven R. Schuit, Associate Professor Tom Cummings BA MA, core faculty of the NBP, welcome current and upcoming members of both executive and non-executive boards to this unique top-level program.
Since the NBP is tailored for a specific target group, we invite you for an interview with the NBP Program Management. Please contact Meldy van Dijken for an intake interview.

Candidates can apply for an intake interview with the Program Management via or +31 (0)6 23918762.

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